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there was this incident with a "creature" shall we say, on a long trip in TARDIS, I'm not even sure what SYSTEM the planet belonged to, let alone a specific planet....
I'd gone back far enough to be of college age once again....her, er's,.... "father" made a pointed accusition & aimed some kind of weapon at me.
My response was a 200 gr Norma solid, several of them actually, from the G29, and in the ensuing confusion, I made it back aboard TARDIS & exited, post haste.
"his" weapon also discharged before the door shut & it took out the primary GPS memory of TARDIS. And the blast knocked me on my tail in the process
When I regained a semi-concious state, we were near the Rigel system, in a low-powered orbit. It helped that I recognised where I was; From there, getting back home was easy, as the trip computer that Her Majesty Geesie uses for shopping trips wasn't affected.
So no Rabbi, I believe I'll pass the oppertunity to doo a roo ! Just in case....
(the "she" involved in the above caper was covered with fur & had multiple orfices...not sure what each one did, but I must have picked a wrong one)

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