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giving gifts

I have two grown sons of the girlfriend.

They know nothing about knives.

This is what I do.

First, I bought used leatherman tools, cleaned them up and gave them as gifts last year.

Second, I went to Big 5 and purchased inexpensive, but quality folders by ka bar, a couple of different models. Ka bar does farm out some knives to Taiwan. These were established designs, not cataloged, made in Red China for Big 5. I tested each one, lubed and sharpened on my Spyderco system. Got out new, inexpensive leather sheaths. They go as gifts.

The goals are quite simple: 1. have inexpensive quality knives available if shtf and I am around one of the kid's cars or home; 2. give a tool that is used even if the kids never take a class in knife fighting. One son keeps a leatherman on his desk and asserts that he uses it nearly every day.

I learned my lesson about giving expensive knives. My dad was at Pearl Harbor. I gave him a commemorative ka bar to honor him - and he had no use for it.

I have also purchased some Mora knives which are fixed blade. I have sharpened them as well, although Mora does a very adequate job. At $15 a piece and 1/4 hour of inspection and sharpening, you have a very decent knife.

The girlfriend gets more expensive leathermen. She even received a pink mini Griptillian from Benchmade. After seeing a leatherman in action in house repairs, she has become comfortable in using one.

I can't think of too many people who couldn't use a leatherman or a decent pocket knife to keep in the car. This would include a nephew (I am sure that my brother never ever bought his a knife or a firearm as a gift).

So, when you construct your list of what to buy, don't forget the happy child or grandchild who will always remember that you gave him/her the first knife or leatherman.
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