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Originally Posted by atyszka View Post
Couldn't agree with you more on how nice a P2000 shoots. P2000 .40 is my home defense gun, since all my Glocks are modified, I'm always amazed how well I shoot the P2000, it's almost effortless to be accurate with it, if that makes sense - fantastic gun.

And at $649, you got one hell of a deal.
Originally Posted by NEOH212 View Post
While the .357 Sig cartridge isn't my cup-o-tea, the P2K is a fantastic firearm in any caliber. I have the P2Ksk in .40 and It's easily my favorite sub-compact pistol I've ever owned.


Yup, I thought about it.
And at that price I decided I needed two! LOL
Second identical twin P2K 357 LEM arrives Thursday - Woo Hoo!

Now I can play Underworld/Tomb Raider

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