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Why is that different than a piece of crap in the trailer park who gets a bunch of women pregnant and they all are on welfare RIGHT NOW?

If you are saying you don't want MORE people on that system, then ok, I get that. But I don't see how making polygamy illegal accomplishes that. The women are just as pregnant and on govt assistance whether they are married or not. I think?

Originally Posted by SPIN2010 View Post
That is a great question!

Here is one problematic view of polygamy issue:

A person can marry several wives and they all can be on the system as none of them "have" to work (making a great number to set benefit amounts). Let's use a family of six as an example (hubby and his five wives). It would make that sixteen people to draw off your taxes by the act of polygamy if they just decide to have two kids per wife.

Sound good? Not to me.

EDIT: I see I got beat to the punch, good post gunnut 45
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