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I won't try explaining my beliefs to you guys, it's not my place to push my religion on you or anyone else for that matter. The word "FAITH" means exactly that. To see god and his works you must first recognize his existence and acknowledge his works.
I've walked in the light and in the darkness. I will not go into detail but trust me this is a fact. I am a cancer survivor and I've seen death up close and personal. When you eventually meet the cold dark reality of your own mortality you'll realize what faith is and your views might change.
The thing is I do not believe we will be judged, or burn in hell, or move into a golden house on a golden street yadda yadda yadda, I believe when we die we move to a higher plane of consciousness. Why do I believe this? Because I've been there.....twice. There IS more to come after you die.
And at the very least even the atheists have to admit that holy books like the bible, the Koran, the Talmud, etc give us all a set of values and rules to live by that make the world a better place.
Human nature is proof of gods existence. We can explain everything except why we do what we do. Is it just some weird chaotic bunch of electrical signals sent to the brain, or is there something more at work there?

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