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Originally Posted by Paul7 View Post
Exactly. Two women can't teach a boy how to be a man.
Maybe not, but neither can single mothers. I think two people in loving relationship have better chance then single mother who is constantly trying to find love and failing.

For those who are lamenting the break down of traditional families, I'm not sure what to tell you. That broke down a long time ago and gay marriage is not going to do any damage that hasn't been already done. You can blame godless heathens (that's fine, I get blamed for alot of things), lack of school prayer, women voting or the 60s. At some point, to quote John Ross "You have to stop building sand castles and take up surfing."

As for original post about polygamy, I don't really see the issue with it because at least they are trying to be all proper about it.

Sam, how many calls have you taken about BS Baby Mama drama that involves two ladies fighting over the same dude? Polygamy is here whether or not it's official.
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