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I would see if you can get a pair of prescription Oakleys,
I wear the radar path's. They have been the most comfortable and reliable glasses I could ever ask for. I was born with my left eye being what is called a lazy eye. It means that the nerves in my eye did not wake up so my vision is uncorrectable and also sub par. It is low enough as to if something were to damage my right eye's vision its quite possible I maybe rendered legally blind :( So I wear my sunglasses on my head 24/7 if I am outside my house, even if its night I keep them with me just in case lol


On this page -->

If you will look at the Radarlock Path, because of the vents cut at the top of the lens it prevents fogging amazingly. Also it provides amazing protection of your eyes.

Also one branch of the feds did testing on all high end shooting glasses and from my understanding Oakley was above and beyond the standard recquirements

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