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Originally Posted by mike g35 View Post
I won't try explaining my beliefs to you guys, it's not my place to push my religion on you or anyone else for that matter.
Understand that what I will say below is not an attempt to take away your faith... you're entitled to it and that's all good.

The word "FAITH" means exactly that. To see god and his works you must first recognize his existence and acknowledge his works.
You are injecting the belief of your personal God into things we know come about from very natural means. A leaf falls from a tree, "See... God did that." Which is fine if that's what you want to believe, but it isn't factual or real just because you believe it is.

I am a cancer survivor and I've seen death up close and personal.
Good for you. I hope you're recovering well.

When you eventually meet the cold dark reality of your own mortality you'll realize what faith is and your views might change.
Understand this is one of the primary powers over the mind that religion has. It helps ease people's fear of their own mortality. It makes the religious less afraid of death because they believe that it isn't really an end but a new beginning. Which is a nice idea, but there is nothing substantial to prove that it's real. On the negative side this is what also makes suicide bombers not afraid to blow themselves up... because of that promise of a new beginning in paradise.

The thing is I do not believe we will be judged, or burn in hell, or move into a golden house on a golden street yadda yadda yadda, I believe when we die we move to a higher plane of consciousness.
That is a very non-christian outlook. What faith do you conform to?

Why do I believe this? Because I've been there.....twice. There IS more to come after you die.
If you're talking about a near death experience there are several very natural elements that can cause this. 1. Simply the brain running with little to no oxygen can cause an hallucination. Such an experience can seem real because it is like an extremely vivid dream. One in which the dreamer is not aware it is a dream. And 2. There is some research that shows the pineal gland is capable of producing a substance called Dimethyltryptamine or DMT. It is basically a psychedelic hallucinogen that creates a powerful hallucination. Most accounts of recreational DMT use have very closely mirrored near death experiences. Just like your bowels release at death... perhaps also does your pineal gland which floods your brain with DMT creating a vivid near death experience.

I know... it sucks the magic right out of it and makes it seem very cold and clinical. But reality is often like that.

And at the very least even the atheists have to admit that holy books like the bible, the Koran, the Talmud, etc give us all a set of values and rules to live by that make the world a better place.
Not true. More people fight and kill one another over religion than anything else in this world. And the basic human morals and ethics that you might find in the Bible... were not invented by its writers. The men who wrote the Bible, the Torah, the Koran... did not invent these moral ideals. They have been a part of man for a long time. And the morality issues that the writers of these books DID invent aren't all that useful... like premarital sex being evil or somehow lowering the value of a woman as a human being. Or that because two men are in love with one another that they are are somehow wicked or evil. This sort of moral view is archaic and barbaric and better left in ancient history. We're too grown for such childish views anymore.

Human nature is proof of gods existence.
No it isn't. The invention of God by man is a facet of human nature.

We can explain everything except why we do what we do.
The study of psychology, psychiatry, sociology, biology, chemistry and many others have absolutely given us massive insight into our nature and why we do what we do. Most often is it based on a desire to survive and reproduce. Research Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Religion is a survival cushion. We fear death therefore we believe in something that will either save us from it or make it not such a bad thing. (The belief in eternal life).

Is it just some weird chaotic bunch of electrical signals sent to the brain, or is there something more at work there?
Nothing concrete suggests that there is more.
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