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"That is a very non-christian outlook. What faith do you conform to?"

That's just it, I don't conform to any religion. I base my beliefs on the fact that there's a higher power than myself. That's it, that's all. I don't think any religion has it right. If one was ever close it was the Native American belief system IMO. Everything has its place and its own spirit. And we should follow only the rules that nature applies. Per-marital sex and other things will not damn anyone IMO. A merciful god must be understanding of the things he programmed into our very nature. I'm a proud member of the church of I don't know but I believe. That keeps me in tune with my faith but keeps me from being at war with others for doing the same. I actually would say I'm a Christian, but only because of true Christian morals and values I was brought up with. I don't think any one religion is right, I think leading a good life is right.

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