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Originally Posted by Geko45 View Post
Some see that as proof of the soul, but that is to far of a logical leap. There is nothing to indicate that a "soul" exists or if it does, that it is eternal in some way and can live beyond the body. All that I really know is that there is something more to the explanation than the information we currently have would indicate.
I've had this conversation with my chick (Who is a militant Atheist). If I HAD to conceive of what an afterlife might be like, what would seem logical to me? My thought (and this is in no way a belief I hold but more of an imagining) is that the energy that is in our brain, the electrical charges that go jumping around as our mind works may be a key to our consciousness. Perhaps the way that energy interacts with our unique brains is what makes us who we are. That and our learned experiences stored in chemical memory. Energy continues on. Perhaps when our bodies die we exist as just that energy. That is our consciousness... it is "Us" in flash drive form. And perhaps, being no longer attached to our flesh and blood bodies with sensory input and nerve endings... our reality is simply whatever we imagine it is. One long never ending dream floating around the cosmos. And perhaps that is what the living... sense as God. But, as I've told many here, there is nothing of substance to show that is the case.

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