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Originally Posted by sebecman View Post
As a lifelong Mainer I will second this. My primary heat source is a woodstove in the center of my basement, 2 floor vents above it and a small fan pushing the heat up the stairway. I prefer this arrangement to having it on the main floor because it heats the whole house without overheating the main living rooms.

As to the OP - For what you are describing there are FAR better turn-key stoves out there than a barrell conversion kit.

Google up some outfitter tent stoves and/or military stoves...they collapse and all the pipe fits inside, when not being used they are basically a metal rectangle. I know guys that use them in their ice houses and they throw plenty of heat.

The time and effort involved in converting a barrell does not equal the monetary savings.
I checked on those folding stoves...awesome suggestion!!!

However, I called up Cabelas today and they advised against using them indoors citing tents had far different and improved breathability/ventilation in them.

Personally I figure as long as I'm using the correct piping/thimbles/etc....should not matter but the guy just kept saying they were not able to endorse such a thing.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

Personally, I'd love to be able to use this a few times a year down in my basement's fireplace (terracotta lined brick with a 13" hearth in front of it. But if it is going to smoke us out or present a fire hazard it wouldn't work the same way a barrel might.


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