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Originally Posted by Geko45 View Post
To argue more against myself (than against anything you said), the flip side of my own argment is that there is no area of our conscious mind that can not be manipulated by direct interaction with the brain. Studies show that electrodes inserted into the various regions can directly manipulate the part of the mind that area regulates. They can cause hallucinatory sensory input, trigger emotions, even interfere with memory recall, problem solving or speech. Similar results are observed with traumatic brain injuries, sometimes even resulting in permanent personality changes. With such a direct a causal relationship between the brain and consciousness it's hard to conclude anything other than that we are nothing more than our own brain.
Oh I agree. I just ponder if it's the energy that drives the machine. I'm sure with time and study we'll figure it all out. Look how far we've come from sacrificing children to beings in the sky.
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