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Originally Posted by Rabbit994 View Post
Sam, how many calls have you taken about BS Baby Mama drama that involves two ladies fighting over the same dude? Polygamy is here whether or not it's official.
True. The reason I object to the laws here in Kentucky against both Bigamy/Polygamy and snake handling is that they both penalize something on purely religious grounds.

You can have a house full of snakes and handle them all you want, in Kentucky, but if you do it during a religious ceremony it becomes a crime - clearly an unconstitutional law, where the practice of religion is the only difference between legal and illegal.

The same is true of bigamy/polygamy - as many men and women as want to can live together, have sex, etc., but if they have a religious ceremony to declare themselves married, they become criminals (it apparently doesn't require an actual government marriage license and certificate to make it a crime). Obviously, that same argument applies equally to gay marriage, except that gay marriage isn't a crime.
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