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my answer...

Originally Posted by nickE10mm View Post
I'm always concerned about the amount of excess slide-rail wear the upper would impart on my G20 frame.... and since I've not seen these in person, I don't really know how to answer my own question: does putting on- and taking off the upper take a lot of force?

Not at all. With my slide already off of my G20 frame it takes me all of 3 seconds to do.

Is it a very tight fit?

Nice and tight fit they way you would like it! In fact it is as good of fit as my Colt AR 15 upper to lower. No rattle or movement from the 10 or so different ones i have handled.

Do you think putting it on and taking it off could induce more than a normal amount of wear in these places? I'd hate to shoot this upper a lot and then change back to my stock G20 slide and find that its fit is even sloppier...

NOPE. I and many others i know personally have put thousands of rounds through our Mech Techs. And pretty potent ones at that! Still goes on and comes off as easy as it did the day it was brand new. Fit hasnt changed a bit after going back to the G20 slide. In fact the Mech Tech fit to frame is better than the Glock slide fit to frame.

In all honesty i have probably put as many rounds through my Mech Tech as anyone out there. Yes, that is a LOT! I actually could consider myself obsessed with it at times. When it comes to a 10mm Carbine, the Mech Tech is VERY hard to beat!!
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