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Originally Posted by Davegrave View Post
I hate this argument so much that it causes me physical pain. I hate it now, I hate it when it's applied to seatbelt and helmet laws. It's so wrong. It's everything that's wrong with humanity. It's every bit of illogical, horrendous thinking that ever get's spewed out to the public as truth.

If you don't like paying for peoples stupid mistakes, e.g. having children they can't afford, having children with multiple wives they can't afford, getting in car wrecks with no insurance- why is the answer in your mind ALWAYS to legislate away their right to make a mistake, and not to legislate away your duty to pay for it????

I can't stand it. THAT is the problem. Not seat belt laws, not consenting ADULTS (this has nothing to do with kids) living the sexual existence that brings them to peace...the problem is you paying for that. Legislate that away.

But I suspect people that use this argument don't care about paying as much as they care about forcing people to live the life that they themselves see fit. The tax money is just a pathetic excuse that sound less nosy than "I hate what you do and my way is better".

The first three paragraphs are laced with intellectual dishonesty. You obviously well know that this Country and Society do not vote to pull the carpet out from under a group once "we" have decided that they are "special" or require help. You are obviously intelligent enough to be aware of this and know that it is an unrealistic expectation.

After constructing your three paragraph "straw man" you demolish it by saying you don't "think they care about paying as much as they care about forcing people to live....blah...blah"

Just so you can say that you think it's all about morals any way, was that it?
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