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Originally Posted by Davegrave View Post
The first three paragraphs are as intellectually honest as can be. The absolute epitome. Saying that if you don't want to pay for someone...then fight to not have to pay for them, don't instead fight to illegalize activities that you MIGHT lead to you having to pay for them.

Those paragraphs broke down and trivialized the "I don't want to pay for it argument"

The last paragraph was for the majority who I think use that argument falsely. I think most who say that only say it because it seems more socially acceptable than voicing their true concerns.

There's no more to it than that.
Show me an honest example of the people/society/government turning someone "out on their own" once they have become, in some way, "protected" by society.

The "I don't want to pay for it" argument is very valid and I do believe a large percentage of the folks that put it forth believe it, and simply don't want more "Protected" groups on the "payroll" since there are no examples of us being able to get them off.

I think you have a prediliction to try and blame some type of "bigotry"
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