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Originally Posted by countrygun View Post
Show me an honest example of the people/society/government turning someone "out on their own" once they have become, in some way, "protected" by society.

The "I don't want to pay for it" argument is very valid and I do believe a large percentage of the folks that put it forth believe it, and simply don't want more "Protected" groups on the "payroll" since there are no examples of us being able to get them off.

I think you have a prediliction to try and blame some type of "bigotry"
I'm not saying we HAVE turned them away yet. I'm saying it's what we should be fighting for.

It seems the same, at least in my eyes, as all of our arguments against gun control. I'm assuming you are in the GT majority on that subject since you're here.

We all say, "regulate the ones causing damage". "Prosecute the criminals, not he innocent citizens exercising their rights".

We all (or so we say) use guns responsibly and want the right to keep doing so to remain un-infringed. The crimes committed shouldn't affect US. We aren't doing wrong.

Same with polygamists. They aren't necessarily doing wrong. They just may affect you badly IF THEY DO. So why not worry about protecting yourself from the IF THEY DO part of it, and not the part that involved consenting adults that aren't infringing on your rights or your paycheck?

I'm sure we'll never see eye to eye on this. I've never seen a debate here end with someone changing their mind. But I enjoy it either way and bare you no ill feeling for your opinions. I'm a hypocrite on more than a few issues, but unwavering opinions isn't one of them.
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