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Originally Posted by AK_Stick View Post
The little fold up sheet metal stoves like what the .mil uses/have used are alright, but a cast iron stove, is a much better choice. They last longer, and are much tougher.

My hunting tent uses a Colorado Cylinder stove, but I'll be uprgrading soon.

As for heating with a barrel stove, inside a fireplace. Yes, you can do it. So long as the smoke from your stove, does not exceed the ability of the chimney to vent it. However, you'll loose alot of your heat, as its reflected into the bricks, and not out. Much better to have a stove designed for the task, instead of a stove, inside a fireplace.
Actually the brick can absorb the heat and act as an extension of the stove. Plus my heatilators don't hurt. If the brick/stone is not connected to an exterior it is pretty much pure heat being spit back out into the area.

What you mentioned is why I'm not a fan of inserts...well the loss of heat plus they need electricity.

But if the barrel puts off a ton of heat, the loss might not matter much.

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