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Originally Posted by English View Post
You know, when you don't change your design for 30 years or so you tend to lose all those designers who understand how to do so. The engineers that remain are production engineers the ones who steadily improve the production process and the bottom line. When these engineers make small changes to the design to fit with their production requirements they don't really understand the significance of those changes. Eventually they make disastrous mistakes and don't know how to fix them. The consequences are entirely predictable. Amongst other things, they run around like headless chickens doing things that seem as though they might work and claiming the problem is not their fault. It isn't that Glock won't fix the problem but that Glock, as presently orgnized, can't fix the problem because they don't have the people with the skills and knowledge to do so.

I agree with you but in this case they have an original design that worked. If they cannot figure it out, they can undo the "improvements" and fix it that way.
Having said that, there was a time when I had BTF problems back in the 80s I think with a Gen 1 G17. That particular gun was fixed with the use of more powerful ammo.
My current Gen 4 pistols work well.
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