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FCoulter, have you done any reading on the links between the feast days (as shadows of the truth that was to come) and actual events in teh life of teh church on the actual feast days? For example, Jesus, the Lamb of God, was crucified on Passover. The true Bread from heaven was in the tomb on the feast of unleavened bread. He was raised on Firstfruits, the "firstborn from among hedead." 3,000 souls were added to the church on Pentecost, a harvest festival.

And then there's a long gap in the festival calendar -- between the spring feasts and the fall feasts -- analogous to the long gap of years between His first and second advents.

This means that we coudl resaonably expect the gathering of God's people on a Feast of Trumpets (a "solemn assembly"), and the second advent on the Day of Atonement, when Israel will with faith "look upon Him whom they pierced, and mourn for Him as for an only son," resulting in their national redemption. Though the festival year ends with tabernacles, I have a personal opinion that it will have been fulfilled twice: we may learn that Jesus, who John says "tented" among us in the flesh, was born on Tabernacles, and He will fulfill it again in the new heaven and new earth, when we dwell with Him, and in Him. It's an awesome area of study. Every autumn, my hope is tugged a little, and on Trumpets, I'm more... alert. We don't know the "hour or the day" but that could simply mean we don't know which calendar year His return will fall in. Or it could mean we don't know (with certainty) but we could be close.

I'd guess that the 'kings from the east' came to Israel when they did, following a 'star,' because they had knowledge of the feasts, and Tabernacles was coming -- and it was coming in the year Daniel had predicted Messiah would come. These were Persian mystics or somethign similar, and they had a history with the Jews who were in captivity in their region, so they would have had a copy of Daniel.

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