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received two Mora 840s. Under $28 total, delivered. I will rework them on my Spyderco sharpener. Although I prefer the Mora Robust, this knife received more first place choices in a poll about Mora knives on some site so I just had to see them.

Ok. Here goes. Mora still makes wood scale knives at 3x the price and higher. I do not know the material used in the handle/scales and sheath. It is like the material used in the Glock knife sheaths.

My 76 year old mentor and I recently purchased Model 81 Glocks. He spent a full day modifying his Glock and the locals raved about it. I merely sharpened mine to my satisfaction. Most people wouldn't be walking around the woods with a Glock strapped on them before shtf. Conversely, if available, most people would be taking the woodland stroll with a knife like the Mora.

Well the Mora 840 fills a non Rambo/Grizzly Adams/Chuck Norris niche in an outdoor knife. It is light weight, sharp right from the factory, has a secure sheath, will do the meals, clean fish, dress a deer, cut rope, sharpen sticks. If you want to do the old thing of jumping a deer with a knife, use a Glock, Ka-bar or Ontario fixed blade.

Remember the adage that if something is too heavy, you are not likely to carry it or have it with you when shtf.
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