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Originally Posted by nickE10mm View Post
I'm always concerned about the amount of excess slide-rail wear the upper would impart on my G20 frame.... and since I've not seen these in person, I don't really know how to answer my own question: does putting on- and taking off the upper take a lot of force? Is it a very tight fit? Do you think putting it on and taking it off could induce more than a normal amount of wear in these places? I'd hate to shoot this upper a lot and then change back to my stock G20 slide and find that its fit is even sloppier...

No slide wear. As said above, once locked in, all the firing action is in the upper. The lock is against a hard rubber block, so it stays tight once locked. The Glock frame is only a feeder, handle and trigger. The "Glock Block" (fits over the locking block) is the ramp that feeds rounds to the chamber from the mag.

My son's G22 was a police academy whore for years. Probably in the neighborhood of 30K+ rounds through it (just a guess, as it's probably a lot more than that). It's all original, slide is still tight, and it shoots as straight as any.

Since he got his, the 10mm version made it to my short list....
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