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Originally Posted by MichiGun Hunter View Post
There is a way to keep it "pistol" fellas. At least here in Michigan. UTG makes a folding stock adaptor. i think it is called the model 47 side folding adaptor. It was $20 shipped to my door. With this in use, the Mech Tech is under 30" in total length. It can also still be fired from the folded position. And barrel is 16". By Michigan law, im gonna wack and stack the deer with my registered Glock 20!!!!

dm1906: Also i am curious as to what factory ammo you are using that is "dead nuts" out to 150 yards? I myself handload some very hot 180gr XTPs. It is dead nuts out to 100 for me all day long. At 150 it still throws one hell of a group. But it is low by about 6-7 inches. I have found the 10mm, as most pistol ammo does, drops pretty fast after 100 yards. I believe thats why people say pistol caliber carbines are good 100 yard guns. With correct hold over i have become very good out to 150.

drsjr1969: I would be interested to see if your results from 150-200 yards are the same as mine. Please report.

Accurate, as in, repeatable, consistent accuracy. It drops, of course. Curious, we found, is the POA is very close at 50' (originally sighted) and 150 yds. It would likely be very different if sighted at 50-100 yds. I don't have anything previous to base it on, so we're still building data. I'll have to work the trajectory calculator to confirm, but it's on, none the less. All the distant shooting was with the dot sight, so the peeps may open up a bit. I may have to try a scope, just for S&G's. The weapon shoots straighter than the shooters, for sure. Ammo is handloaded various bullets, loaded to factory velocities. Coming up will be some dedicated carbine rounds. Slower powders that don't normally work ideally with short barrels.
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