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Originally Posted by series1811 View Post
The closest thing I can think of to this issue is having your child molested. Early in my LE career, I had to work child molesting cases. Now, everyone pretty much says, and really thinks, they would kill anyone who molested their kids. I know I feel the same way.

Yet, out of all of the child molesting cases I worked, I only saw it happen one time. And, that was a mother, who within a few minutes of finding out, took a butcher knife and tried as hard as she could to stab her daughter's attacker to death. And, then, three months later, she was living with him again.

I saw a lot of people get really mad, but I never saw anyone else actually do anything.

But, you ask anybody, me included, and we all say we would kill the bastard.
I served on a GJ for 6 months and heard testimony on 500-600 cases. The demeanor of the GJ, including fairly liberal individuals, changed dramatically when the case involved a child. I could tell others (not you, since you've been exposed to it) stories that would just absolutely shock and horrify them.

Now would these people act on their emotions? Would they freeze part of the way through? All I can say is that I learned a long time ago that you cannot count on someone to behave as you think they would or should because when the rubber meets the road...that's truly the only test.
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