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Originally Posted by Blast View Post
And what religion would that be? Certainly not Christianity or Judaism or even Islam.
You don't know much about history do ya. The culture that the Jewish religion was born out of was the Mesopotamian culture. Abraham (if he even really existed) was a Mesopotamian. They believed in multiple Gods and it wasn't uncommon for them to sacrifice virgins or babies. Abraham selected one god of their lot to listen to over all others and that later became Yaweh... Your God. And that God commanded Abraham to kill his own child... although he said "Just foolin" right at the end as a test of Abraham's faith. Historians believe that more so than just a legend about the strength of Abrahams faith... whoever wrote these stories was claiming an end to human sacrifice in the name of an God. It was one more step out of animal behavior for mankind. However, even the jews still believed in animal sacrifice in the temple. So, still barabaric... just not savage.

What a fanciful hallucination. It's hilarious how some of the atheists here make up their own tenets for a particular religion.
Man, you're really stupid aren't ya? I said in the exact same post this is not what I believe. Just the only way I can imagine there being an afterlife. In other words I don't believe in Ghosts, and demons, and goblins, and wizardry like you religious folks. If there is an afterlife the only way I can imagine it is via just a different form of natural existence or perception.

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