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Originally Posted by dm1906 View Post
Accurate, as in, repeatable, consistent accuracy. It drops, of course. Curious, we found, is the POA is very close at 50' (originally sighted) and 150 yds. It would likely be very different if sighted at 50-100 yds. I don't have anything previous to base it on, so we're still building data. I'll have to work the trajectory calculator to confirm, but it's on, none the less. All the distant shooting was with the dot sight, so the peeps may open up a bit. I may have to try a scope, just for S&G's. The weapon shoots straighter than the shooters, for sure. Ammo is handloaded various bullets, loaded to factory velocities. Coming up will be some dedicated carbine rounds. Slower powders that don't normally work ideally with short barrels.
Sounds right. I have a good, easy to use tool to run that trajectory if you don't have one... But I suspect you do.

I wonder how much extra velocity handloading can get the 10mm up to...
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