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Originally Posted by crimdelacrim View Post
23 here

I mainly attribute it to the era in which we grew up. Where I live, hunting is probably the most important/profitable pastime. Even still, I find the number of handguns owned by hunters shockingly low. I believe this is because of the way we were exposed to guns.

The Brady Bill was signed when we were kids and the 90's introduced school shootings. Instead of promoting gun safety and helping kids learn how to respect guns instead of fear them, guns were demonized like drugs and alcohol. I can still see the posters hanging in my grade school now...

I believe this caused a curiosity, a stigma if you will, with guns that was not there before. Before us, men grew up being gradually introduced to guns as well as either knowing someone who was drafted or being drafted themselves. The 90's were a decade of gun fear. Think of Power Rangers. They were awesome. Now that we are older, it is clear that they feed the violent side of cool for kids. It is even easy to see why someone our age may look back and say "that just teaches violents to kids even though I thought it was cool when I was one."

This is our generations exposure to guns. What was exposed to us was a dark, visceral, cool, forbidden thing that was phased out as soon as most kids got older because guns were just another one of those things you thought were cool when you were younger. If you don't have much more exposure to them, they become that thing that was cool before the first gameboy...or ipod touch now.

It isn't our fault. It is society's. That is what is up with our generation.
I agree, but will have to disagree on a part of your post.

It sounds like you're blaming the media/entertainment industry that glorify violence, which is just another scapegoat people use, for insane people.

If you look back, before any video game came out, any power rangers episode came out, you will see one of our worst school massacres was done by some fool who was upset his property taxes were raised (possibly due to that school). He killed the most in American history when it comes to school massacres, and the real catch is (to any anti-gunners that may be lurking) he didn't even use a gun! He used a bomb.......

Any SANE person can tell the difference between violence through fantasy, and violence through reality. I grew up off Duke Nukem, Counter-strike, doom, Marilyn Manson, and many of the other video games and artists portrayed and used by the media as the scapegoat to why people do such horrific things.

At an early age I was raised around firearms, my dad taught me how to handle them, and respect them. I'm also very thankful my dad taught my that firearms had more than the use many Americans think they're for (hunting). When I was 12, I was trusted with a mossberg maverick88 in my bedroom.

I and many others I knew who were raised more or less around the same thing as me, and had plenty of access to firearms, just like me never had a problem. Concluding INSANE people do INSANE things. Regardless of if they have some sort of entertainment piece that depicts graphic violent fantasies, or not.

Another thing I'd like to point out is, violence/insane people were just as big of a problem back then, and did horrible things, however the media coverage back then compared to now is just not the same. The media now days can sensationalize something much better, usually to push an agenda through, whatever it may be -IE anti-gun, anti video games, etc etc...
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