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Originally Posted by snowbird View Post
The Bible tells us 'by their fruits ye shall know them'.
Yeah it also says women were made from our rib.

Blowing yourself up to murder innocent people is evil. Doing this in hopes of getting 72 virgins in Allah's bordello is also evil.
The crusades were also evil. The catholic ordeals were also evil. The Spanish inquisition was also evil. And the millions of people killed throughout the centuries for being witches, possessed, or in league with demons was also evil. All of this done in the name of YOUR God. Fruits indeed.

The fact that the Left aids and abets this evil 'religion' tells us a lot about the Left.
The left of what?

Of course, we shouldn't be too surprised; after all, the Left murdered 100 million innocent men, women and children in the 20th century in the name of atheistic communism, and many millions more in the name of mostly-atheistic National SOCIALISM.
No one here has proven that Atheism in and of itself is responsible for this. Believing in nothing is just that... it's a lack of belief. Atheism has no code, no dogma, no standard or mantra. Please illustrate what Atheistic BELIEFS or precepts on which this murder is based?

If we realize that class-hatred and class-warfare, standard Marxist fare
Are you kidding me? There are more racists, screw the poor power hungry rich, and judgmental religious nuts on the right in America than on the left. You wanna talk about class warfare, the right specializes in it. I've been a conservative most of my life but it's mostly because they protect the 2nd amendment. But the party itself is spear headed by the worst people American has to offer. Bigoted power hungry holier than thou evangelical corporate raiders.

I suppose you could say that people fight and kill more over religion than anything else.
They do. Not just yours... all of them. It's nonsense that gives man reason to murder one another. Over a being who's existence hasn't even a single shred of evidence.

The Bible tells us that Satan has fooled many.
It also says you can rape a woman if you pay for her afterword. Classy book.

The Bible tells us that sodomy is an abomination.
Yet my chick loves it. Not every night mind you... just on the weekends. The Bible also says not to eat shellfish. You ever had lobster? I don't think you'd give me an honest answer but have you ever had premarital sex? Have you ever been drunk? Got any tattoos?

Modern epidemiology tells us that AIDS is rampant primarily in sodomist circles.
This is no longer true. It has spread like wildfire through Africa via heterosexual activity. And sodomists aren't just homosexuals. Like I said... I happen to know one personally.

Tell us again which "childish views" we've outgrown?
That homosexuality is evil. It isn't. People who think so are backwards, stupid, and bigoted. It's that simple. The numbers of Christians and all religious denominations are shrinking in America. You can't deny this. We're waking up from man's childhood and leaving our bed time stories behind. In another 50 years this nation will only be about 50% religious. Of course as the number of people who remain deluded within religion shrink those numbers will be the most crazy and extremist like you. But eventually the religious will become a minority. And we Atheist promise that we will treat you with more compassion than you've treated us throughout the centuries. We won't burn any of you at the stake, or stretch you, or put you in the iron maiden.

The study of psychology, psychiatry, sociology, biology, chemistry and many others'...should lead us to humble awe at what God hath wrought, rather than arrogant hubris about our supposed 'massive insight'.
No, they lead us to KNOW that for all these things to be... you just don't really need God. They just kinda happen on their own. And they also teach us that just because you believe in God with all your heart... doesn't make it true.

The Bible tells us that pride goes before a fall.
Yet it also tells us Jesus got into a fight with a fig tree. Real tough guy.
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