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The force of the piston coming rearward forces the breech bolt to the rear and ejects the spent shell. There is a link behind the breech bolt into an action spring and that spring compacts inside a tube that is in the rear stock. It has to store enough energy to send the breech bolt back home to pick up the next round and lock into battery.

Shotguns are not rifles and the gas pressure is very different so it takes most all the pressure that enters the gas orifices to cycle a Remington Gas Operated shotgu. They have to be fired from a solid shoulder so all the energy compacts the action spring. If you hip fire, snap fire or try to fire these weapons any way but solid shoulder and stance they may not cycle. You don't get to choose a stance in a gun fight. You may need to fire over or around cover and these weapon are not reliable enough for this type of use.

So, if they have somehow figured a way to get this new model to work differently I would be interested in finding out. I will come Spring when I return to the factory in Ilion for recertification. They are pushing this as a Tactical Model and that means useing in defence against human threats. I hope they go it right somehow.
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