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Bren is spot on

"I don't think the "survivalists" who post here have any idea how weak and timid they are, in comparison to the people who will be taking their food, guns, ammo, etc., in a SHTF situation."

I will tell you why I agree. 1968 US Army. One day I realized in a cold sweat that a younger emaciated guy on the other side with no education, but better eyesight and reactions could shoot me dead faster than I could react. And, the guys you would be going up against had probably been living in the field for years.

When a issue of M16s came in, they were first given out to the guys going right over to Vietnam. Then the tears started with the big, strong rah rah guys. Most of them had never been camping, been in the Boy Scouts, made a meal for themselves or knew the basics about first aid or personal hygiene.

When shtf in your community, your most difficult opponents will be guys who have basically lived the gang life for years. You will be their tuna fish and they will be the sharks.

There will be a lot of people going through a learning curve after shtf. You really don't want to be behind the curve or moralizing. You can get yourself up the food chain a bit if you work on your skills and physical health now.

Intellectual debates are worthless in my opinion.
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