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Originally Posted by quake View Post
Agree with both; just have concerns with the apparent belief by some that if you don't immediately turn into - and constantly remain - a predator, you automatically become prey. On the surface, it seems like a logical argument that you're one or the other, but I'm sure I'm not the only one that can think of people who went their entire lives as neither prey nor predator. I'd add a third option - protector. When I'm in uniform (heck, all the time), my default setting isn't 'predator' and it certainly isn't 'prey'; I'm a protector. Now, a circumstance may kick me temporarily into 'predator' mode, and honesty requires that I acknowledge that a bad enough circumstance can even plunge me into 'prey' mode. But that's a situational thing, not a constant state-of-living thing. Could be argued that since we're talking about shtf situations, that's inherent in the discussion; I just want to make sure that that's what we're talking about, and not the concept of "you either live as a predator or live as prey" on a macro, overall-life, level.

Some of the comments in these threads tend to sound as though they're from people that can't wait to "go predator" (a la gunkid), and some level of social collapse or disruption is seen as the license or opportunity to do so.

Definite +1. Violence is hopefully a last resort, but it's sometimes a valid resort. But it's called 'violence', not 'debate'. See the dinkheller video for an awful example of the price of avoiding violence when violence is the logical, rational, and moral choice.

When violence is called for, it must be violent.

Shame you feel that way, and that you see it in such a broad generalization. Is 'nice and decent' synonymous with 'weak and timid' to your way of thinking? Genuinely curious, because gentleness isn't weakness; true gentleness is controlled strength. A true weakling can't be gentle because lack of strength causes a lack of control. That's true in physical terms and psychological terms both.
My thought process is that if you can remain civilized and work with others in a crisis to get through it..fine. But you always must be ready to become the prediator if need be and do it with extreme conviction.
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