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Originally Posted by bdcochran View Post
...Most home burglaries are done through:

1. an unlocked backdoor;
2. a ground floor unsecured bathroom window...
I see similar statistics everywhere; typically something like 35% thru the front door, 22% thru the back door and 24% thru a first-floor window. I assume it must be true in a lot of places, since everyone says it's the case. But in Arkansas, after 19 years in the alarm system world and 11 years of law enforcement, I've seen only one instance of a burglar coming in thru a window; and that was just last year.

Around here, it's more like 90% thru a kicked-in door. Maybe in the more urban areas, people are better about having reinforced doors, which would make windows a more inviting target...? I don't know, but I've only seen window-entry the one time. And even that one time, the window entry was done at the second burglary of the property. It was a nice hunting lodge (closed during off-season), and they broke in the first time by simply kicking in the back door. The manager got the door repaird and put up some game cameras, and the second time, the burglar(s) came in thru the back kitchen window above the sink, and stole the game cameras when they left. That shouldn't be funny, but even the manager eventually laughed about it.

Now they've got a good system (); one that not only sounds a siren & calls the authorities, but also sends video clips to their phones when there's an incident.

Still don't understand the discrepancy between the common statistics and what I've seen for years here in arkansas; but around here, it's doors at least 90 percent of the time...
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