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Originally Posted by bdcochran View Post
Three kinds of burglars:

1. opportunistic, teenage boys. Usually neighbor's kids or friends of your kids. People are basically lazy and victimize within a few blocks of home.

2. professionals who target wealthy homes (this lets me out).

3. serial burglars who do it for a thrill.

Most home burglaries are done through:

1. an unlocked backdoor;
2. a ground floor unsecured bathroom window

Nothing is perfect:
1. grated screen outer front door;
2. fake security signs;
3. solid core backdoors with deadbolts
4. internal doors to bedrooms having deadbolts that are used when on vacation.
5. deadbolt on garage side door.
6. nails driven into door jamb that secure closed door to frame
7. random, auto lamp timers and timers on radios
8. cut away vegetation from the house unless it is something like rose plants
9. outdoor lights activated by motion detector.

If you won't spend the money to put up a solid core back door with deadbolt locks, you had better be prepared to put everything of value into your expensive safe.

If you won't monitor your kid's friends and have your kid keep his trap shut, your chances of finding things stolen go up. Yeah, I had that sinking feeling when I saw my stuff in the other kid's living room and his mother was clueless as to how it got there.

Grated screen door? The woman next door complained about someone walking in on her - and still hasn't put up a decent screen door with a one way deadbolt.
bdcochran sort of has it all here.

Burglars work in two speeds. Smash/Grab/Run and Planned out/Methodical. However there are also the opportunistic criminals who see an easy entrance in your house, and maybe they will steal stuff and leave, or maybe the will look for a woman or girl in the house to rape, or maybe they want to grab you or a loved one and force them to get all the money, drugs, and valuables in the house to maximize their profits then they may beat,kill, or rape for fun afterwards.

The young kid smash and grab attacks and the Opprotunistic ones can be slowed down or stopped with an Alarm system, good lighting outside, a big dog, good locked doors and window, keeping things like Guns and valuables in a safe that is bolted to the floor. It will all help.

Any security measure can be defeated with a well thought out plan. The way to defeat these smart criminals is to not present yourself as a possible target. Don't boast or blab that you have a lot of cash or guns in the house.

If you are talking about economic decline and things getting worse, you are right. As the economy gets worse the "Have Nots" will come after the "Haves" more often.

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