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Originally Posted by Lone Kimono View Post
Well, that video surely makes me feel great. I own a cheaper Liberty I bought at Sams Club about 7 years ago. I'm guessing that's pretty much worthless. I was about to upgrade to a Bighorn from Costco. Maybe that won't be good enough.
Don't jump the gun. Is yours bolted to floor? Here's what I saw wrong with the video.

1) It was empty and very easy to tip over.
2) If it had been bolted they wouldn't have been able to "work" together as easily with it standing up.
3) maybe those guys were not pros but they have done that before and had exactly what they needed going in.
4) Right at the end one of the guys goes to lift the door effortlessly. I don't have a bizzillion dollar safe but I removed my door to make it easier to get in the house and I'll bet it weighed at least 150lbs.

I agree that you get what you pay for but that doesn't mean you have to spend 3k to get a decent safe.
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