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It's bolted down, but I've been looking to upgrade for a while now. I want something with room for ammo, magazines, and other important family valuables. Would a more expensive Liberty be up there with Knox? If I can hold out until Jan or Feb I know Cabelas has employee pricing coupons which work on them. 2" thick, heavy gauge steel with 360 degree 1" bolts will be something I look for.

Break-ins actually worry me the most pre-SHTF, assuming it's a gradual decline due to the economy. Like Bilbo said, people are going to become more desperate as time goes on. The way my preps are stored in Rubbermaid tubs, I could lose a lot in a very short amount of time.

My neighborhood is in a good area with modest homes. Nothing that stands out, but I still don't think it's a mistake to do what I can now.

One thing I don't know how to secure are my lower level windows (literally on ground level). I have wooden dowels in the window track, but that's about it.
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