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Originally Posted by Beware Owner View Post
Not EVERYBODY became an alcoholic, but now there are definitely more alcoholics than during the Prohibition because it is legal. Florida's homicides increased dramatically from the inception of the Stand Your Ground law enacted in 2005. Many people actually believe that if something is legal it must be good. Dangerous. Not hype, but there is reason to fear.

I have to ask you, then, would you endorse a "civil liberty" if it endangered society as a whole? Or do you believe in balance?
You hit the nail on the head with your "Not hype, but there is reason to fear." line. That is all it is, fear.

You're talking about two different things and enacting the typical "endanger society" propaganda people use when they have no argument. In a civilized society we don't punish someone for something they've not done. We punish the crime (there has to be a victim) and not a contributing factor.

If a person robs you for money to buy booze, that is not the fault of the booze, it is the fault of that person for that act. Do we ban sneakers because kids have killed others for their new Air Jordans?

Balance is another way of you saying that you want to ban the freedoms that YOU don't like. Typical hard left / hard right logic or lack of it.
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