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Originally Posted by jlavallee View Post
All we have are individual rights, being part of a collective doesn't give us more rights than an individual, at least, it shouldn't. This is the very foundation of our government and a key element in how we view life.

Originally Posted by jlavallee View Post
The implication made by the above poster is that allowing other people to live a different lifestyle is an endoresment of it. It isn't. This mentality is one that seems to be common in thinking that being gay is a choice or that gays are confused... As though they'd be gay if everyone around them was.
I don't think that "allowing" them to live a different lifestyle is an endorsement of it. Naming them a "protected class", hiring them in the name of "diversity", calling everyone who disagrees with them "hateful, bigoted, homophobes", criminalizing free speech in disagreement with the chosen lifestyle, telling kids in elementary and middle schools to experiment sexually with children of their own sex in their mandatory literature, having "gay recognition" day in schools, etc., THOSE are all endorsements of the lifestyle. They're gay, they live that way, nobody is not allowing them to be gay.

Now, do you have any proof that anyone is born gay and that it ISN'T a choice? Nothing I've seen so far, including work done by gay scientists, proves that there ISN'T a choice involved. Not one scientific study shows with absolute certainty that it's something they can't help to do.

Originally Posted by jlavallee View Post
To honestly state that toleration of gays being gay would screw up society because allowing it makes it OK is beyond reaching. It is OK because they're not infringing on you. You are the one that wants to tell them how to live, because you know better.

It all comes back to how small minded people can't stop themselves from pushing their views on others.
Now, tell me, how are they not tolerated now? Don't confuse tolerance with acceptance, endorsement, or celebration.

Did you know that homosexuality was on the DSM of the APA until it was strongarmed into taking their disorder off in 1972 by Barbara Gittings and her hooligans? She and others admit that the decision was NOT a medical one, but a political one. They basically intimidated the APA into saying they don't have problems (there are still psychiatrists who disagree with the decision, obviously) and then the domino effect took place with other medical associations, only in following of the APA, not because they had personally done any studies before changing their minds. There were no studies made to prove what doctors knew all along, they were basically told to forget what they knew in the name of politics and keep it moving. This was, and is, an insult to the procedures used to diagnose and discern disorders in a scientific way. Politics made their way into our mental health institutions, they can't be trusted to do the right thing anymore.

Now gay pedophiles are using the same tactic to push forward what they now call "minor attraction" so they can legally have sex with our kids. Chicken hawks, anyone? Gays have a penchant with kids, ask the Catholic church, honest present day gays, and football players in Pennsylvania. I'm sure you won't have a problem with that "alternative lifestyle" when men can legally sodomize your 12 year old. Scare tactic? Call it what you want, it's in the works. B4U-Act, look it up.

Now, this is the thing, homosexuality isn't a disorder that comes by itself, it brings others. Here and abroad, homosexuals have a much higher rate of drug abuse, emotional/physical/verbal abuse, antisocial personality disorders, STD's, suicidal/depressive tendencies, etc., than their straight counterparts. Their domestic violence rate is incredible, they call it the closet within the closet. No, stigma has nothing to do with it, they're just like this in the most gay friendly countries of the world. To say homosexuality is ok is to say that schizophrenia and manic depression is ok, nothing wrong with it. Hey, we should all praise schizophrenia and have schizophrenic parades around town. Let's celebrate it. Let's take them off of their meds and hire them in the name of diversity. Let's teach our kids that it's "normal" and an "alternative lifestyle". I mean, this IS America, after all. This is what we're doing with homosexuality, celebrating a disorder. That's how low we've come. We now call good bad and bad good.

Now, if anyone cares for their country, or children, or simply in their right mind, say that people with this disorder (or any, for that matter) SHOULD be raising kids because it's better than a foster home? Are you serious? The homosexual lie has been repeated enough that many people believe it.
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