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Originally Posted by RC-RAMIE View Post
Do I understand your argument correctly?

Fl stand your ground laws has increased homicides in FL?

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Well, homicides have increased since the law was passed, the law itself didn't become an entity and got into people's heads, making people kill others, if that's where you're going.

Originally Posted by jlavallee View Post
You hit the nail on the head with your "Not hype, but there is reason to fear." line. That is all it is, fear.
I'd wonder why you carry a gun if you don't fear the moment your life would be put in danger by someone else. Those who carry do have that fear, and they have reason to fear. Yes, it is fear, but it is justified. What's your point? That we shouldn't do anything out of fear?

Originally Posted by jlavallee View Post
You're talking about two different things and enacting the typical "endanger society" propaganda people use when they have no argument. In a civilized society we don't punish someone for something they've not done. We punish the crime (there has to be a victim) and not a contributing factor.
IMHO, you don't seem to care about society. I may be wrong.

Oh, I have an argument, there's plenty of proof that the homosexual lifestyle is nothing but a detriment to society.

Anywhoo, why do we punish speeders if their isn't a victim? Why DO we jail someone for a joint if there is no victim? We treat drug "offenders" worse than murderers, I don't get it. Why do we punish drunk drivers when they haven't hurt anybody or caused some sort of property damage? Yes, we do punish victimless crimes all over the place. Don't even go there.

Originally Posted by jlavallee View Post
If a person robs you for money to buy booze, that is not the fault of the booze, it is the fault of that person for that act. Do we ban sneakers because kids have killed others for their new Air Jordans?
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