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Originally Posted by jlavallee View Post
Yes, left handed people can choose to write with their right hand (as was forced in the middle ages) but that doesn't mean they're not disposed to a certian behavior.

If you doubt this, answer me this. Did anyone have to teach you to be straight? I mean if all of society said you were supposed to be with a man, would you go along or are you wired to like women?
It's not about doubt, it's that there is NO scientific proof that it's NOT a choice. There is NO proof that people are born gay, as they are born left handed, white, brown, black, man, woman, etc. Your body is wired, as a man, for women, and vice versa. If you don't know this, then your problems are bigger than anyone on this forum can help you with.

Twin Studies--the strongest evidence

A little bit on their pathology:

Same-Sex Sexual Behavior and Psychiatric Disorders
Findings From the Netherlands Mental Health Survey and Incidence Study (NEMESIS)

Originally Posted by jlavallee View Post
If I went to prison and had to choose between a life of men or hanging myself, I'd be swinging. What society deems acceptable has zero to do with it.
And you know to deal with the consecquences of your decision, would you not?

Originally Posted by jlavallee View Post
You do understand that there is a BIG difference between consenting adults and children right?
I do understand the difference between two consenting adults and an adult and a non consenting child (if that's what you meant), but gays seem to like "consenting" children more than straights do. No, they're not ALL pedophiles, but there is a higher tendency within their population.... Why are homosexual child molestation rates disproportionately higher than heterosexual child molestation rates? Why would NAMBLA (a gay pedophilic organization) be pushing for B4U-Act? Why would schoolbooks such as Teacher: 1 in 10, Rainbow Boys, and Growing Up Gay/Growing Up Lesbian, ALL depict graphic sexual encounters between minors and adults? What are they trying to make our next generation believe? What fetish is it that they have with children?

Originally Posted by jlavallee View Post
This is nothing more than bigoted fear mongering. Gays are all pedophiles...
Bigoted. You guys make me laugh, no originality. It's like you're all taught to say the same things, as redundant and ill informed as it may be.

I wish this was studied more in depth, and I mean in a scientifically honest fashion. Have a little read:

The proportions of heterosexual and homosexual pedophiles among sex offenders against children: an exploratory study.
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