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Originally Posted by Beware Owner View Post
Not EVERYBODY became an alcoholic, but now there are definitely more alcoholics than during the Prohibition because it is legal. Florida's homicides increased dramatically from the inception of the Stand Your Ground law enacted in 2005. Many people actually believe that if something is legal it must be good. Dangerous. Not hype, but there is reason to fear.

I have to ask you, then, would you endorse a "civil liberty" if it endangered society as a whole? Or do you believe in balance?

With freedoms, comes dangers and responsibilities. Can you handle it?

I'll take freedom over a nanny state any day of the week, even when it's for liberties like this that I do not participate in.

It's not a matter of "balance", it's a matter of being a hypocrite and not truly standing for freedom. Which one are you?

ETA - You seem so concerned with society and the protection of, let's ban guns right? I mean imagine how many lives we could save if we banned those evil guns..... I mean sure people will get stabbed but it'll be harder. We can always ban knives with sharp edges, most cooks say they just need knives for slicing. I mean that'd keep a murderer from murdering right?

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