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Originally Posted by Gunnut 45/454 View Post
Again you turned back to Government control- and no you don't have a Civil right to marry! Marriage has been as will always be a Religious right! It was created in the Church. You can have the Government controled Civil Union but it's not a marriage! Can't have it both ways people one or the other! Why must the gay's have it called marriage? I'll tell you why cause society has given those truely married certian beneifits to being married! Married couples enjoin in shared property rights, monitary rights, equal descisions on raising children and certain tax, medical benifits! This is why the gays want the same treatment they want what normal people enjoy- theses are not civil rights! Cause there lifestyle is a choice - they choose to be the way they are. A chioce that deny's them the same lifestyle as straight married people .

Gunnut, you misread my post buddy.

I said keep the government out of ALL aspects of marriage.

If Church A wants to marry gay couples, great!
If Church B does NOT want to marry gay couples, great!

it's simply not a government issue. Keep your nose out of their life, and in your own church (assuming you belong to a church).

As far as married couples getting tax breaks and benefits, is a whole other discussion. just because you're married and I'm "single" does not mean you should get special privileged. No one is forcing you to get married. That's just as silly as affirmative action, and to be honest, it's government trying to model the behavior of the citizen through taxation.

You're either for conservatism, and keeping the gov't out of people's business, and keeping taxes fair and low. Or you're not. As simple as that, even though neo-conservatives and RINOs don't want to hear it.
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