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Originally Posted by aippi View Post
Kilrain - we first expirenced the issue in the early 80's when the state bought us the Sidewinder Tactical 1100's. We had a drill where we stand behind cover and stick the weapon out in front of us and using the wall to line it up we lay down covering fire so team members could move across a open hall or allyway. One shot and then nothing. As a drill simulating that you are down and with the weapon across your chest you fire up at a threat closing on you. Again, one shot and nothing. They will just not cycle unless from a solid shoulder solid stance. It is just like limp wristing a 1911. Same exact principle. We hoped the 11-87P would be different but were greatly disapointed. I get my knowledge from expirience and from sitting in class at Ilion. I get real tickeled when this topic comes up and guys post how their 11-87P cycles everything from slugs to target loads. Knowing of course these weapon will not means I just have to laugh and move on to the next post.
I get the idea, I've just not seen it firsthand. I reckon in the end most any self loading firing can be coerced into some type of action-based malfunction by poor or unstable handling.
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