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Originally Posted by lawman800 View Post
We see kicked in doors in more desolate areas in the outskirts of the suburbs here. In major urban areas, it's broken windows, open windows, unlocked doors, etc.
That may well explain the discrepancy in the national numbers vs. what we see out here. We're definitely "far rural", and approaching "desolate". (And that's a good thing imo. )

Originally Posted by Tvov View Post
...I don't know how much these systems cost, but I wouldn't be surprised if the price will drop (or is dropping now) in the near future...
Big consideration is monthly fee. We use honeywell's service, and while our normal security monitoring service for alarm systems is only $24, once you add the necessary cellular capability & honeywell's fee, it's a little over $40 a month. It's worth it (obviously, I think so), as it lets you check on your system to make sure you armed it when you left, can text you not just when there's an alarm, but can also text you even when your kids disarm it when they get home from school, etc. With the newer systems, you can even control Z-wave devices like thermostats, locks, etc. If you've been on vacation; you can call up your system and tell your heat or air-conditioning to turn on before you get there. If you have an armload of groceries when you get home in the evening; you push a button on a keyfob remote and it disarms your system but also unlocks your deadbolt, etc.

Anytime I see an advertisement for one of those "teenage-girl-alone-in-the-house-with-a-crazed-caller-terrorizing-her" movies, I think how handy it would be for her to be able to remotely lock all the deadbolts with a push of a single button.
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