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The tung oil option is very labor intensive in my experience. It is authentic but on "clean" wood it could take 10-15 applications. If your not too concerned about authenticity and just want something that looks good go find a small can of wood stain that is the color you like and call it a day.

I haven't bought from Boyd's in years so I am not familiar with the finish on his stocks, but oven cleaner does wonders on removing all oil from gun stocks. Follow that up with a good steaming using wet paper towels and a clothes iron to "lift" and wood dings being careful not to mess up any cartouches. This steaming will make the wood "fuzzy" to the feel so clean it up with 000 or 00 steel wool before staining. I strongly suggest you not do any sanding unless you have actual defects that need to be corrected.

While I'm on the topic of old service rifle clean-ups "cooking" the metal in a throw away pot of water will take care of any cosmoline.

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