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I did a few things that had dual purpose of hardening my house against hurricanes and at the same time criminals.

New doors and that are Dade County rated (take a 130 MPH 8' 2x4)

An alarm system that has switches on every door and window as well as a pre alarm motion sensors at the doors that act as a doorbell without a button.

I picked up an 8 camera and DVR set up for $300 that covers the yard in all directions.

Strike plates on the doors that are longer and have more bolts. The bolts are driven into the cement block of the house with tap cons.

AP501 locks that are digital and have no back up key that can be picked.

Mossberg 930 Special Purpose SLX in a verticle mount next to the bed with 00 buck.

Can't talk about the rest...

Our biggest problem here is home invasions. Not in my neighborhood but in many of the wealthier ones. I live with a bunch of armed red necks around me on small lots. We have never been a target.
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