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Originally Posted by dre23 View Post
I just picked up a G23 in FDE. The FDE in Gen 4 is the same as standard Gen4. Should be the same everywhere. THE MSRP is the same for both. As for Gen 4 costing more than a Gen 3, I believe it is because Gen 4 comes standard with 3 Magazines as opposed to only 2 for Gen 3. Now I realize that just because he MSRP's are the same sellers won't try and sell the FDE for more. Was at gun show a few weeks back and several seller's were doing just that. Have patience and look around and you should be able to locate FDE same price as a standard color.
I can get the Gen 4 FDE at Cabellas for $647 or the Standard Gen 4 G17 for $539. I'm not willing to pay Cabella's price just for the FDE frame.
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