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Originally Posted by dkf View Post
And they get the marks off the brass and bullets from the reloading process how? They tumble it after it is loaded.

Yeah I'm sure the military makes sure to only ship their ammo in special low vibration trucks, ships, choppers and airplanes as to not disturb the powder. The troops walk extra soft to make sure not to shake their ammo. I'm sure the UPS truck that is hauling the ammo I ordered earlier in the week does not vibrate at all during the couple thousand mile trip. Five or ten minutes a vibratory tumbler is not going hurt anything.

Ain't the internet grand.

You are providing internet advice which is against specific warnings of powder manufacturers.
Tumble vibration is different than the other vibrations you are comparing to, much higher in frequency. It is known--or at least it is what the powder manufacturers say--that tumble vibration alters burning properties of powder, usually increasing burning rate. As most rifle powders are slow burning, rifle ammo is especially susceptible to this.

I say again, DO NOT tumble rifle ammunition.
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