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I am aware of powder companies positions. If I was a powder manufacturer I would recommend against any tumbling also. Promoting it does nothing but open them up to liability if they say it ok. Any old idiot can claim the tumbler caused their issue and file a BS lawsuit.(even though their double charge was to blame) The powder company will probably settle to avoid even more money layout to fight it in court. Their lawyer advised them on that.

I have seen enough actual tests of loaded rounds in a vibratory tumbler for days and some left even weeks and they came out fine and the powder was as new. This is right along with the "You can't shoot lead in a Glock barrel" warnings the internet experts always spread around. Glock does not recommend it so it must be true.

So how many KBs have you had that was definitavly caused by vibratory tumbling ammunition for say 10 minutes?

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