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Originally Posted by socialwork911 View Post
any views on using RMR trij sights or similar? to help my old eyes
I'm 57 with bi-focals mostly for reading. I have single vision shooting glasses made to see the front sight clearly,but that leaves the target blurry. I have two pistols with Trijicon RMR-adjustable LED sights with 6.5 MOA Dots. One on a FNP-45-Tactical and one on a Glock G-22.The dot sights take a little time to get use to finding the dot quickly but once you get the hang of it they are both faster an more accurate, especially at distance past 25 yards than my irons(with my eyes) and I get the benefit of still being able to read up close because I can wear my bi-focals.I use the G-22 in GSSF Unlimited division and overall I'm happy with them and they have made me shoot more accurately. Another side benefit is that on my other GSSF pistols I run Ameriglo sights with a .115 wide red fiber optic and after shooting the RMR pistols the transition back to irons is very easy as you have basically the same sight picture.

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