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Originally Posted by lawman800 View Post
Here's the spec, PM me and I will send you more info and the link to the company. Don't want to discuss too much more in public, you understand.

2" Door
1-1/2" locking bolt
5 prong handle
10 gauge body
1/2" 60 HRA hardplate(drilling protection)
Spring-loaded relocking system
Shear-off handle
No it is OK, I was curious about the 2" an if is all steel. The answer is no. When I was looking for a safe there were no burgulary rated gun safes. Now I see Amsec is making a TL-30 reated safe. Heck I think I saw a TRTL30x6 rated gun safe. That means it will resist 30 minutes of tools and torches on all 6 sides for 30 minutes. These safes weigh several thousand pounds. Short of a built walk in vault it is as good as it gets. They are over $10,000 so you need to be storing very valuable stuff. Some of you guys that have a lot of PMs should look into them.

However, there was that old guy that had $7M of gold in his house without the benefit of a big safe. His protection is that no one knew about it, and he lived small.
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